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Monday, September 12, 2005

Sometime late at night – Or was it Monday sometime?

I was feeling much better and awake today. We went for a walk through Horsham, where I am staying, that’s about an hour south of London. My friend is hosting a bar-b-q for some of his martial arts friends, we need to prepare. SHOPPING!! We need to get food, some bar-b-q stuff and some chairs and tables.

I was also asked to do some home repairs…Is my genetic disposition that obvious?

Nothing too serious, look at a misbehaving bathroom faucet, fix some lights in the kitchen and help assemble the new garden furniture. I think I can manage all that in three weeks.

Back home after the shopping, hot dogs and hamburgers and of course veggie burgers for me.

Everything setup, where is everyone…uh oh…it’s been cloudy and grey all day, maybe no one will show up. We wait patiently, and taa daa people arrive!!

All nice people and we spend the afternoon and evening chatting; about nothing and everything.

My first full day in the UK



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