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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

My First Day In London

My first task is to get in to London…Simple really, just take the train….chuc chuc chug….an hour later I’m in Victoria Station, where do I go?!?! This place is BIG! People everywhere, shops, sign everything. I do have a plan, The Big Bus Tour, a bus tour of the city with the ability to get off and on the bus throughout the day (Big Bus Tours)

This is my lucky day, they have a special offer, the tout, the London Eye – A very big ferris wheel - and Madam Toussauds wax museum for 40₤ Consider the fact that the tour is 20₤ the wax museum is 20₤ and the London Eye is over 10₤, this works out quite well.

The tour is a great way to get an over view of the city, the lay of the land, where the major landmarks are and where the best shopping is!

Madam Toussaudsis the gold standard of wax museums, the exhibits are setup so you can actually walk around the “people” and take pictures with and of them. It’s fun, especially when you can take your picture with Steven Speilberg.

The museum has movie and tv stars, famous historical people, world leaders, and even a couple of fantasy and comic book characters. The tour ends with a 10 minute show in the planetarium.

The London Eye is BIG!! The best views of London, unless you are flying overhead.

From the Eye you can almost all of London’s landmarks, St Pauls, The Gerkin (a gerkin shaped building) I didn’t name it…

Big Ben (which is the bell btw not the tower) and the British parliament, almost everything.

London seems to be a very walkable city, there are signposts, and guide plaques on a number of street corners. People seem to be friendly and if you ask, will even give you directions; even other tourists will give you helpful advice.

Tomorrow I continue with the big bus tour and take a Thames river cruise, maybe not a cruise, but a….ok a cruise.

I will add links and pictures when I can get more consistent internet access

P.S. Spelling doesn't count



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