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Monday, October 24, 2005

Always ask for a discount

Hamleys is a big toy store, it may be the biggest toy store in the world, at least that's what people in London told me. I needed a gift for my nephew, something not available at home. I hoped I could find something interesting and different for him here.
I was right, I found a card game called Top Trumps. A simple game of choosing the best characteristic from a list and challenging your opponent, the highest score wins.

The cards were not too expensive, about 6£ a set, one set would be good, I did get him other stuff too.

As is my usual custom, I asked the cashier for a discount, Se pleasantly refused me. I tried again, What about a tourist discount? Again the answer was a polite "no" Not one to give up easily, I asked about a Canadian discount, again "no" OK, my last try, I asked for a cute discount, I am cute.

This time I won, she told me that she would give me a 10% managers discount, at least that's what she told me it was. I laughed and thanked her. In return I gave her one of my Canadian flag pins. That got me a smile, as usual. She thanked me this time.

I managed to save a whole 60p on the deal, but it was worth it just for the fun of the game. Of course, I always ask for a discount.

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Anonymous msViolet said...

That's so cute! hehe

You -are- cute!


9:31 p.m., November 05, 2005


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