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Monday, October 10, 2005

They twisted my arm...ow!

OK, not really.

As you may remember/know, I had out small Canada flag pins. Some times as a thank you or just because.

While In the British Museum - see Sept 16, 2005 - trying to not step on any little people (numerous school groups) I came across a group of boys in the Egypt collection. One asked if I was going to take their pictrure, I really didn't know what to say, its not often you get asked to take a stranger's picture, especially a child's in London. I said "no" because that seemed to be the right answer. I did ask why I would, the same boy replied that a couple of other people, another American, and someone else, had already taken their picture. I protested saying that I wasn't an American. I received a puzzled look , I turned around to show them the Canadian flag on my backpack. Canada the said together, I smiled and offered each of them a flag pin.

We talked for a couple of minutes, and with the help of their chaperone they were urged to get back to work. Before I could go, again I was asked to take their picture, this time I couldn't resist.


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