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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Sunday afternoon in London

Chris and I went into London for the afternoon (and evening…if you must know)

We walked through Leicester Square for a bit then I was taken into the Trocadaro Club, a HUGE video and game arcade, four floors of fun and terror. Well…only a bit of terror…the shocking chair, you sit on it hold the handles and you get shocked. Why? I don’t know! ‘nuff said about that!

We went to HMV to look at the music sealection, then in to the Virgin Megastore…yes THE one and only, another really BIG thing in London. Why is everything so big here; something to prove London? ‘eh?

All this is around Piccadilly Circus, No tents, no clown or trapeze…where is the circus?
I know, I know…its not That kind of circus. Circus from the Roman circle (or square sorta)

We walked down Regent Street, a long curved road with really nice victorial buildings on both sides…at least I think they were Victorian…I’ll get back to you on that. We made our way to Hamleys, the worlds biggest toy store (their words, not mine, but it was huge!)

I wanted to get a stuffed giraffe, but I didn’t think a life-sized stuffed giraffe would fin it my suit case, that and it was ₤3500. I suppose that and the stuffed elephant from Harrods would make a great gift for someone. From there we walked back along Regent Street towards the BBC building. Time for some food, it was getting towards dinner time. Chris opted for KFC, yeah that stuff….I passed. Pizza Hut was my choice, although at 99p for a tiny slice I only had 1 slice. I would get something at the train station, if there was time. There was about 20 minutes before our train, I had a bagle with smoked salmon with cream cheese, a reasonable ₤3.45 Reasonable till you remember that it is over $7.00 CAD. Oh well…I gotta eat.

An hour on the train and we were home.
A cup of tea some TV and then time for bed.


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